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Gallery of Custom Personnae

Over the years it's been my pleasure to make many custom masks - here are a few of them. The Art of the Mask is the art of Transformation.

Commissions for theatrical, ceremonial, and just plain magical masks are always welcome!

Lauren Raine


.I've made many " Elementals" masks over the years for dancers - here are a few of my favorites.


"Eros" .


"Luna Moth" .

Winged Beings fascinate me - The Luna Moth is a rare creature indeed. And Eros........has a way of making surprise visits.



This mask tells the story of an old woman with eyes like the Milky Way.

These are "Storyteller" masks - the Bone Goddess and Crow Man.


Here is an Alchemical creature, a Hermaphrodite, combining male and female polarities in one being.
This "Persephone" is also about polarities existing within one being - the life/death/life cycle of the seasons.
Here is a snake being I made for a martial arts master.
This "Salamander" or Fire Being is one of my favorite ventures into Fire.


And many Green Men. I am proud to feel I have contributed to a world that is very, very much in need of more Green Men. And Green Women.







Please inquire if you have a special PERSONA you need to create!

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