The Green Man

"The Green Man is known by many names all over the world. His story is about the agricultural cycle, which is the oldest story told. The Greenman is born in the Spring, loves in the Summer, is cut down at the Harvest, spends Winter in the Underworld, and is then reborn in the Spring. This mythic story is told in the tale of John Barleycorn, a well known English folksong. The Green Man foliate face is also the Mask of Dionysus in Greek drama, and origins are found as well in the ancient Sumarian myth of the Shepherd Dumuzi, and in the death and rebirth of Osiris as Horus, the Sun God. "

Morning Glory Zell

The Greenman Waking

Remember me, try to remember.
I am that laughing man with eyes like leaves.

When you think that winter will never end, I will come.

You will feel my breath, a vine caressing your foot.
I am the blue eye of a crocus opening in the snow
a trickle of water, a shaft of light among the trees:

You will hear me singing

among the green groves of memory,
and the shining leaves of tomorrow.

I'll come with daisies in my hands,
we'll dance among the sycamores

once more


Lauren Raine 1998

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